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IT CAN NO LONGER BE DENIED that Atmospheric Chemical Spraying (ACS) is happening around the globe.  Documents obtained by WikiLeaks, along with whistleblower testimony from U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies, military sources and NASA confirm the release into the atmosphere of potentially harmful metals and chemicals (which are linked to negative impacts on human health and the environment) by various governments and agencies.


What is Atmospheric Chemical Spraying?

Atmospheric Chemical Spraying is commonly referred to as “chemtrail spraying” or “climate geoengineering” by the scientific community and governmental agencies.   It is the process of spraying millions of tons of aluminum, barium, strontium and many other substances into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the Earth in an effort to combat global warming or climate change.  Some documents suggest that chemtrail spraying is part of a secret strategy modifying weather patterns by causing or preventing rain, or part of a military system for encapsulating and distributing biological and chemical agents over large urban areas for population control.   

Regardless of the possible reasons for chemtrail spraying, a growing number of medical care providers, environmental scientists and the general public are becoming alarmed by what is being sprayed into the atmosphere.   Their concern is based on research that shows that the substances being sprayed into the air are highly toxic.  As these substances reach the ground, they end up being breathed by everyone.  The substances enter into the groundwater, soil, food, and our bodies.


Over the past few years, chemtrail exposure has been reported to cause:

  • Dizziness, joint and muscle pain
  • Pneumonia-like respiratory symptoms which last for a few days to several weeks or more
  • Extreme Fatigue without engaging in strenuous activity
  • Unexplained nose bleeds
  • Dark Purple Rash on Neck and Legs
  • Unexplained plant and/or animal deaths
  • Highly-elevated barium and aluminum levels in rainwater and drinking water
  • Dangerously elevated aluminum and barium levels in human blood

Hundreds of organizations around the world are working to expose the dangers of chemtrail spraying.  Australian researchers found aluminum, arsenic, barium, boron, iron, strontium, cadmium, manganese and zinc in rain water samples that fell in areas where persistent chemtrails had been created.  As a neurotoxin, aluminum blocks nerve impulses, dulls thinking and concentration, and can produce dizziness, memory loss, impaired coordination, involuntary tremors, speech disorders, loss of balance and energy.   Boron affects reproduction organs and the pineal gland.  Over time cadmium degenerates bones, kidneys and lungs.  

 The battle to expose and stop chemtrail spraying has just begun.  In the meantime, it’s up to you to protect yourself and your family from the toxic effects of these poisonous metals and chemicals. 


90% of Airborne Chemicals & Viruses Enter Your Body Through the Nose.

Chem Protect Nasal Spray is designed to protect against chemical or virus-induced illness that may result from exposure to airborne chemicals, or other dispersants released into the atmosphere.  Use it at the first sign of airborne spraying, exposure or symptoms. 

A nasal spray offered in a convenient, metered dose dispenser, Chem Protect Nasal Spray provides maximum protection beyond those furnished by competitors offering only a simple saline or iodine solutions.  Chem Protect Nasal Spray contains birch and larch bark extracts (Xylitol) in addition to Mucin, inland sea water trace minerals and Sulfax which has been used for over one hundred years by naturopathic physicians.  Sulfax has been studied for its unique antiseptic, fungistatic and bacteriostatic properties.

Chem Protect Nasal Spray washes away harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses and other airborne dispersants before they take control.  By reducing inflammation and inhibiting a wide range of lectins, numerous types of pathogenic agents are effectively inhibited.   Chem Protect Nasal Spray is not habit forming and does not cause drowsiness.  Keep it handy when around others who may be sick or recently exposed to airborne chemical aerosols.  Chem Protect Nasal Spray is safe to use as often as needed.


Chem Protect Nasal Spray 

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